[Exploit] - Wormhole blocked by dead people


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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit
Issue Title: Wormhole blocked by dead people
Issue Description: I'm not sure if this is a bug or a brilliant piece of engineering, but I found an inaccessible wormhole in NY Wilderness server.

There were skeletons piled on top of it so I couldn't approach the thing, despite walking around it and trying to run in from all angles. The wormhole opens its mouth when you approach and there was an option to jump through, but your character cannot "reach" the hole.

I was also unable to check what happens if you jump from the other side. (ie Will you get stuck in the middle of those skeletons after spawning?)

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Open a server.
2. Invite friends.
3. Choose a wormhole.
4. Jump.
5. Ask friends to do same.
6. Wait on the other side and kill everyone who comes through. (Ask them not to move away from wormhole, please.)
7. Keep killing until skeletons are stacked so high, you can't walk to wormhole anymore.

8. Walk back to other side of wormhole and try to jump through. --- I was unable to do this part since exploration of said server is quite impossible.




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