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[Character mod] Hulot the Grumpy Owl

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Hello !

This mode will give you a new playable character for Don't Starve Together :

Hulot the Grumpy Owl

"My higher intellect will lead me in this ugly world."

First, let me apologie for my english. It's not my native langage and I am doing my best.
This is my first mod for don't starve, be indulgent please.


Here are the specificity of my character :
Health : 170
Hunger : 60
Sanity : 360
As you can see, his base health and sanity are good, but he has a very tiny stomach. Don't get fooled by the high base sanity, because Hulot really don't like sunlight and will loose sanity during day phase. Long summers will be difficult to manage with him. 
Perks :

  • Is a good hunter, but doesn't like the sun
  • May create seeds while eating
  • Don't eat vegetables but can eat insects





Here are all the specificities of Hulot :


  • It's an Owl Man !
  • He is ugly and unpleasant, but somehow some people find him cute.
  • He doesn't like the sun.
  • He is a good hunter at night.
  • He can't eat vegetables.
  • He can eat insects.
  • Eating may (1/5) make him drop seeds (even if he does't like vegetables)
  • Eating may with a low chance make him drop an egg (even if he is a man)
  • Eating may with a very low chance make him drop a rotten egg (it's like having a ratata shiney : cool but useless)
  • If he eats fireflies at night, he will glow during the rest of the night.
  • He has a VERY tiny stomach.


Some update I could do (tell me what you think) :

  • Making Hulot nocturn (can sleep the day, but not the night)
  • Making Hulot looks different at night (to reflect his gameplay)

I hope you will enjoy playing my character, please let me know what you think about it.


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I'm interested in your nocturnal perk, definitely following this mod because it's something I wish to figure out as well.


Also, to either point you in the right direction or correct my own misinterpretation, I had assumed that the inability to sleep during the day was a built in function to the actual sleeping items (tent, etc.) rather than a character trait.  


Do you know anything about this already?

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The sleeping is done in the tent and bedroll states of the wilson stategraph (SGwilson).


There is a check for day, a check for danger, and a check for hunger.


You can do something like:

AddStategraphPostInit("wilson", function(sg)     local old = sg.states.bedroll.onenter     function newonenter(inst)         if inst.prefab == "hulot" then              --cloned code from onenter with isday switched to isnight         else              old(inst)         end     end     sg.states.bedroll.onenter = newonenter     --same for tentend)
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Maybe i can add SGwilson to my mod, and modify it so if the character is hulot, it runs a different test.
But I saw that the script to stop the sleep is on a different file : "component/sleepingbag.lua"

So if I want to make my character sleep the day, i'll have to modify at least these 2 files.

I'll post my advancement here.

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It's done !
I did it so you can use my files on your mod.

I modified "SGwilson", "bedroll_furry", "bedroll_straw" and "tent" in my mod so every character with the "nocturn" tag will only sleep during day phase.

They will also wake up at dusk, and won't sleep again until the next day phase. I did not include dusk phase because I trough it would not be balanced, but you can modify it.


If you like it like that, you can just copy/past the files from my mod and add the tag "nocturn" to you character =)

I hope you will enjoy playing with my character !

If you have a problem, please report bugs here.

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Here. Open your script folder, and create a folder named "stategraphs". Copy this file in it : attachicon.gifSGwilson.lua


Now go to you prefab folder, and copy thoses : attachicon.gifbedroll_furry.luaattachicon.gifbedroll_straw.luaattachicon.giftent.lua


Now you can use the tag "nocturn" on your character .lua and it will work =)

Thanks!  I'll be using it with a custom sleeping item though, so I shouldnt need the bedroll lua's right?  I just need to edit my sleeping item in the same way you did the bedrolls

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@Pyrobolser,@MattDoesnt, A word of caution on replacing stategraphs, though: They get changed a lot, and replacing it will break stuff when those changes occur (case in point: I was replacing the stategraphs to fix sound issues with DST RoG Characters -- a really bad idea, in retrospect -- and when they changed how sleeping was coded recently, it made it so people couldn't stop sleeping).


If at all possible, it's much better to modify just the state/event handlers that you need to change using an AddStategraphPostInit.

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