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I was really excited to play this game with my brother after seeing a bunch of let's play series, so I saved my money on steam until I got the 22 dollars, until finding AFTER I purcahsed it, it's not for Mac/OSX. I got pretty mad as I had to scroll PAST the download button (THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE) to see it is only for windows..

There was no big indicator that it was not for Mac (being at the bottom of the page)

I'm not asking for a refund, I TOTALLY support this game, I'm just asking to make it for Mac/OSX! It gets the bugs out of the way, not to mention, other people are having the same problem.

And I don't feel like waiting a couple of months to wait for the actual game, that's full of bugs because it wasn't beta tested.

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@jAnt, Haha, no, I'm just a modder with way too much time on my hands... All the Klei people on the forums here should have bright red bolded names.


But yeah, I know how you feel. I used to be pretty firmly entrenched in my Mac OSs (recently I've gotten more accustomed to switching between a lot-- still a few things I really miss when I'm on Windows, though).

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@rezecib It's now out for mac, but any time i try to launch the game it says:

(Game launch failed) (missing executable) Steam support has done NOTHING to fix it, and frankly, I'm getting kinda pissed...

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