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warg spawn bug?

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Sorry sorry, was meant to post this under the bug and fixes forum 


My party woke up one day in the winter and found 8 wargs swarming in near the pig king. Then we started running around and the deerclops came. All remained silent/ we all died. So here is the question, was that a bug? Even when we cleared the wargs by directing the packs to the deerclops, they seem to pour in with greater numbers(as in they started spawning in one invisible spot). Of course, the wargs created a chain event of more hounds.


End note: no our admin did not debugspawn them and we are not going to use console to:



Right now we have reset our world from the snapshot so we could cherish the memory again, I hope someone can explain. 



EDIT: found several bugs: pigs don't go home during night. Rabbits sleep outside of hole(same as pig), night hand's visual is different in client vs host. 

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