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DST Co-op Ideas

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What if we  added goals, puzzles, and enemies that required teamwork to unlock in the game?



1) Goals

For instance instead of creating a whole new world for adventure mode why not block off sections of the world and it requires X number of players to stand on switches to open gates. Or make some gates require more complex requirements such as X number of players must have a science machine or a top hat to make sure that players either help give items to one another or aide one another to progress to the next gate. Which would eventually lead to a major boss of that world. We could have have 4 Major bosses in one world and players can work together to decide which one they want to tackle. Once all 4 Major bosses are defeated the final boss will appear.


2) Puzzles

I like the idea of the switches to be implemented in other types of puzzles 

Maybe pushing large object puzzles which would require more than just one person to move 

or protecting a friend while they build. for instance say there are some puzzles that require a player build a special object to advance, the only problem is the object takes 1 minute to build and in that time it attracts the hounds, spiders, or whatever creatures to the building site and you have to make sure the builder is protected.


3) Enemies

I would also like to have some enemies that you could defeat alone, but with teamwork it would be more easier.


A boss/enemy that changes between Ice and Fire forms, and you could have two people using fire magic and ice magic to attack the boss when it changes forms


A boss/ enemy that has a shield in front of it but a weak back, so you need one person to distract the enemy while another would sneak up behind and attack.



Please let me know what y'all think! I got lots more ideas! :)


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1.) Adventure Mode is confirmed to be later in the game, like Caves and Ruins.  We don't need a goal system in DST based off crafting.

2.) Don't Starve is a survival game, not a puzzle game. You can go play any puzzle game for things like this.

3.) Let me find a list of mobs I've defeated alone in DST:



-A single hound

-A Koalefant

An elemental boss would be okay, but we have the seasonal bosses for the same reason.


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Hmm, most of the ideas, I think "meh"-- not because they're bad ideas, exactly, but because they don't really seem to fit into the game. Some of them are fulfilled by content that just hasn't been added yet (caves kind of work like the unlocking areas you wrote of, and adventure mode as well).


A boss/ enemy that has a shield in front of it but a weak back, so you need one person to distract the enemy while another would sneak up behind and attack.
I really like this idea, actually. Maybe when caves get added, the hide-in-shell enemies could have a way to cooperatively de-shell them, too.


The tricky part would be figuring out the right role for this sort of enemy. Maybe it could be a frog-lord or something that comes out during frog rains if you kill too many frogs-- in RoG they're kind of exploitable.

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