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[Scripting] join server event?

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  • ms_playerjoined event -- this gets triggered in player_common, as the prefab is being made, which means it only occurs after the player has selected a character. The client table changes earlier, when they first reach character select.
  • ms_playerspawn event -- similar, just gets pushed a little sooner (ms_playerjoined is put into a DoTaskInTime, although that line is called sooner)
  • ms_newplayercharacterspawned event -- gets triggered after someone picks a character. Unfortunately, the client table changes before that.
  • playeractivated event -- pushed during the spawning of the player, so still too late. For other applications, this is useful because it's pushed after the HUD has been attached to the player.
  • entercharacterselect event -- pushed locally instead of on the server, and still ends up being later than the client table gets updated.
  • ms_playerleft event -- this seems to work well enough for players leaving changing the client table, but it still leaves open how to handle it as they join
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