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  1. If I set cause to something, will it not say "Player died to shenanigans" and instead "Player died to cause"? Or do I need to change the afflicter for that?
  2. I have a weapon that SHOULDN'T play the animation for attacking under certain circumstances, yet it still does. It just doesn't do damage. How do I stop an attack animation from playing with script code that fires on an attempt of attack?
  3. How do you push custom events? Something like: pushEvent("eventname") How do you schedule an event to fire after X number of seconds? scheduleEvent("eventname",seconds)
  4. @outseeker Found my own way of doing it, thanks for your response, though!
  5. Is there a way to tell if there's a monster close by? Or a way to check if your sanity is being drained by nearby monsters? Or does an event fire when you get near an enemy? Something like that?
  6. @rezecib Thanks. New question: Is there also a way to make an item destroy itself if it's dropped, and have a player spawn with it if they're revived? EDIT: Nevermind, I changed my mind about how I want to handle this.
  7. @Kzisor Wait, I get how to detect if the beefalo are sleeping, but how do I detect ANY player? The prefab variable could be anything.
  8. @Kzisor Doesn't really answer my question. I want to make a new equipable tool and I want the only valid targets to be sleeping beefalo and other players. I haven't found much useful code tracing the razor stuff.
  9. How would I make it so a weapon can only be used on sleeping beefalo, and other players asleep or awake? Also, would there be a way to make it so it doesn't wake up the beefalo?
  10. Is there a way to make health decay similar to the way sanity drops in the dark? I have a character that takes sun damage and currently I'm using DoPeriodicTask and It works, but it's rather distracting to hear the health lost sound effect every second or so and to not have that fancy black arrow over the health bar.
  11. Found this one out. Sorry, I should probably search a little deeper next time.
  12. @Kzisor Strange bug I found. If you join a map and it's already night time, you'll be protected from charlie but you won't have night vision.
  13. Nevermind, I just created a string array of the items I wanted to have the component and used it. Works just fine. EDIT: however it'd still be nice to know how