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Dont starve together Download issues/Update required? Please help

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So last night I bought DST off of steam. I had already bought Dont Starve a year or so ago through Google Chrome. So I found my CD key and re-downloaded the game off of steam to get the 75% off of DST. Dont Starve downloaded fine, but when DST started downloading it stopped at 25% (about 96mb) and said update required.


This morning I gave it another try, deleted DST and tried re-downloading it. I got the same issue took only a few seconds to get to 25% then told me update required? All I can do is hit play but it starts the download again but stays at 0/kbps and stops shortly after. I've looked everywhere for something about an update and could not find anything. I have also tried installing Dont Starve then re-downloading DST and got the same issue. I could not find any other posts or info on this so please let me know if anyone have any ideas. I would love to play this amazing game sometime soon! Thanks.

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