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Friend can't find my hosted server?

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I'm having a weird bug/issue here.


When I host a game, my friend can't locate my hosted game in the list or through searching the name. Whereas, on the other hand public players are able to join my hosted game.


So, I got my friend to host a game. I was able to locate the hosted game instantly from the list and thus joining it. 


He can't host that well, as there are lag/rubber banding issues. Whereas, I can host other public players with no issues at all. So, we've been to locate my hosted game.


So what is wrong here? It's so frustrating and vexing. We've been trying for the past 2 nights. I even tried forwarding ports in both my UDP and TCP to 10999 as mentioned in some of the threads in the forum. Still, nothing... 


Am I doing something wrong? Is anyone else experiencing this?

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