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How would I change it so Shovel doesn't need alchemy machine?


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Question is in the title. I don't see how to do it in the scripts>prefabs>shovel.lua, so I'm at a loss for now.


Don't think you should need a science machine to make a rudimentary shovel... seems absurd.

While I'm aware that the answer has been given.  My response to the second line is.


It works better for game design, not having access to the shovel immediately out the gate slows down the players ability to gather berry bushes, grass tufts, and saplings early on.  


Where as it does seem strange to need a "science machine" to make something as simple as a shovel, the idea is behind the balance of having the shovel not available immediately to encourage the player to search for a gold source first.


Game was never really made for realism after all, it was made for gameplay depth.

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