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Suggested Ideas?

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Before I start, I just want to say that I am absolutely obsessed with the game and I cannot stop playing it, especially if the base my friends and I make is so productive! Below is a list of things (not necessarily problems) I want to address so there are minimal complaints by the time the game officially is released.


1.) The enemies that you should face should have a health bar, so that we know how much damage needs to be done to defeat the monster.

2.) For the neutral animals, they should say something to you as to what they want so that when you give them whatever it is, they will help you and/or follow you around. Many new players may not know this tactic, and it would be helpful in game, especially getting attacked at base.

3.)There should be a wider variety of characters.

4.)Characters should be only picked once in a server with multiple people.

5.)Usernames should show up on top of the player so that we know who is who.

6.) EVERYONE should be located on the map! Not knowing where someone is drives players insane and if I had to choose one thing to change, it would certainly be this.

7.) Petals and Red cap mushrooms should heal the player so much more than 1hp at a time.

8.) Food consumption points should remain consistent for everytime one is eaten.

9.) Any warnings or signs of enemies incoming would be great.


Feel free to add to my list, beta testers! Feel free to disagree! The developers want to hear everything we have to say! That is why we have early access to this magnificent game after all! I am honored to participate for this release;it is sure to be a huge hit!

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1)Well, that's not fitting at all.
2)but everybody knows that everything in the world wants meat and hats.
3)you have no idea how much work is put into making each character... In case you don't know, some more are coming from singleplayer... very... slowly...
4)Well that's a problem. Would you like to be forced to forsake your favorite character because someone is already using them? I know I wouldn't.
5)they do.
6) That just kills PvP(and makes no sense)

7)Red caps are actually poisonous and hurt you, and petals are way too abundant(and not very healthy anyway.)
8)it is.
9)there are.

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1) Why is this necessary for DST and not DS? It's not in DS, it probably won't be.

2) There are no instructions for DS, you're supposed to learn everything yourself. Why should it be different for this mechanic?

7) Why should a plentiful and renewable resource heal more life?


Otherwise I agree with Ralph above.

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1) I agree with others here. A large part of learning DS and DST is learning how much health things have. Health bars, while it would make things easier (which is not necessarily a good thing), would feel very artificial.

2) There's a great character mod for this in single-player (Satori). Unfortunately the way it's written makes it incredibly hard to port to DST, so it may take a while to get there.

3) They're working on that. There are still 5 they haven't ported from single-player (4 of which I've got working in mods right now). Not to mention the legions of mod characters-- although their quality is variable, there are several quite good ones that really push the game mechanically.

4) I'd support a way to do this, but I don't think it should be the only way to go. There's supposed to be an upgrade of the character select screen to more of a lobby screen, and that may include something like this.

5) Again... too meta =\. There will probably be a mod for this, though.

6) I think there should be official options for this, but a mod that gets this working for everyone is coming.

7) Petals and red caps are supposed to be awful. There are much better options for healing in the food department, but I don't want to rob you of discovering them.

8) They are. If something is spoiling, it feeds you less, but by a predictable multiplier. As long as it's in the green and your character doesn't remark on it being past its due date or something, you will always get the same stats from the same food.

9) I don't feel like noticing enemies has ever really been problematic for me. And, like the health bars and player names overhead, it would be pretty meta in a bad way. But there are warnings for some of the more unavoidable and deadly enemies already (hounds, giants, krampus). Giant warnings are a bit buggy at the moment, though.


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I'm sorry, but I disagree with pretty much every one of these except for #5 and #6 (although 6 should only be a feature on non-PVP worlds). Did you play this game before DST, or was Together when you were introduced? Not having things like health bars is part of Don't Starve's charm, and I feel like it would be too easy with them or having red mushrooms be actually useful.


The variety of characters is pretty big. Are you sure you haven't just not played enough to unlock them all? Also, Reign of Giants adds a few. Also, both suggestion 8 and 9 already exist.

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I see you've never had a gobbler problem(you can also cook them. it does something) 

You're right, I have never had a Gobbler problem to be honest. BUt yes, I will admit they can be somewhat useful as a filler (or main ingredient) for some crockpot recipies.

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