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In no particular order, just decided to ramble through some thoughts and ideas of what might make for interesting additions.   New features, mod creation ideas ... or just a bunch of rubbish .... chew on it either way.


1)  PVP Invulnerability Timer - Create an options setting to allow a host-configurable number of days during which players cannot be attacked.  This would provide an opportunity for players entering the world to avoid situations where they are not afforded ample opportunity to equip themselves before being attacked (e.g. players camping near spawn portal).   Should go along with Grief Prevention (below).
2)  Starter Chest - Again, contents host-configurable.   Could be used for a variety of different gaming options in wilderness-mode, such as starting with some basic armor and weapons, prepared for immmediate battle, or starting with raw inputs in a race to build and defend.
3)  World Lobby with Countdown Starter - Lets players gather and then start at the same time.
4)  Scoreboard.   Small display showing player stats.
5)  Scoring.  Keep track of sessions statistics, like player deaths, kills, timers (See below) etc.  Combined with everything else, to be used for creating new types of game modes.   
6)  Control Zones.   Defined areas of control, with a tracking timer that tracks how long a player has "controlled" a zone.   Lots of ways to define control, but the point is to allow for the creation of additional game / challenge types.  A single control zone in the center of the map with players spawn on the edges creates a sort of "king of the hill" type of mode.    The tracking timer is used to track possession time and when it reaches a certain value, winner declared, return to lobby to start again.  Two control zones and ....
7)  Flags.  Think capture the flag, combined with control zones and tracking how long a flag is in it's designated zone, etc.
8)  Teams.  Goes with all of the above.   
9)  Host defined spawn points.  Or at least user-consistent, so that the user re-spawns in the same place.   Various uses (see 15).
10)  Banner.   Display text when new user arrives onto server.  Host-configurable with tags for specific stats, like world day.  Could be used to display host rules, etc.
11)  Grief Prevention.   Host configurable option to restrict certain types of griefing.  Survivable days before user can exit and retain items.  Item return days ... player not active after x days, player perhaps dies, grave is spawned at their exit point that contains their items.   
12)  User-specific lockable chests.   Craftable and indestructable ... maybe moonrocks and a gear or something non-trivial like that.   Only accessible by the player that crafts it.    After x days of non-play, perhaps the lock opens.   Or perhaps it is something more like Chester but will attack other players that attempt to open it ... very hard to defeat, but possible.    Should be examinable by the host so that you can see who owns it and potentially destroy / unlock / disperse contents, etc. for user that you have kicked, etc.
13)  Reduced visibility while sleeping.   Restrict view to just the area of the tent or sleeping roll, making it possible to be surprise attacked, camp looted, etc.
14)  Gates.  This one seems obvious.  Gate in a pen for beefalo.  Gate for a "safe room".  Lots of ways to use gates.  How about user-lockable gates?
15)  Missions/objective.  Back to gaming mode ideas and tracking stats with a scoreboard.   Track item counts and a mission goal around reach a particular item count.   You could create games where the first to collect x number of gold (or whatever) wins, etc.   Or maintain x number of gold over y time.    Would lend to scenarios where players are attacking each other to obtain gold/decrease player gold.   Upon death, gold is dropped, player re-spawns to pre-defined spawn point, which the player could build a safe-room around, for example.  Also could contain chest where they store their gold, etc.   Other mission/objects could be building things.
16)  World Wonder.   This would be more for coooperative gameplay ... something that would be built together, beyond just surviving.  A game winning structure of incredible magnitude requiring a ton of raw resources, crafted resources, and plenty of magic.
17)  Source of the Hounds.   Maybe along the lines of 16.  Another cooperative gameplay mode ... track down the source of those blasted hounds and work together to defeat it.    Should be very challenging, requiring major armor, weaponry, and magic.  
18)  Whisper and Shout.  Whisper mod is great idea for wilderness mode.   Should be standard chat option ... /whisper to players in vicinity, /shout to all.  With shout being configurable to be disabled for all non-host players.
19)  Poison.  Craftable with an existing food item and something ... bee venom, nighmare fuel, whatever.  Then you can deviosly infiltrate camp and poison an opponents food.   Make a visible change .. turn them green or something.  Should be healable.
20)  Mead.  Craftable with honey.   Improve health or sanity by a lot but blurr your vision and make walking erratic for a short period.
21)  World Links.  I'm not sure how this would work.  But imagine a wormhole that you jump through and emerge in another world entirely.  It may be to much to run simultaneous world instances on one server .. but perhaps it links two different servers together, working otherwise just like wormholes, allowing you take items through, etc.  
22)  Map items.  Craft a map item that captures the currently known map and can be shared or exchanged.  Craft maps from papyrus and compass.  Or from two other maps to combine.
23)  Speaking of compass ... add a orientiation marker to the map.  When given directions to another player, common orientation is essential.  Yes you can plant things or dig to create arrows, but they are ghastly looking.
24)  Signs should allow the placer to enter text that can be examined by those that wander by.  
25)  Diggable skeletons.   After a while, the world can get littered with them.    Surely those bones could be of use for something?
26)  Triggered BeeMine and Gunpowder - Craftable item, combine tooth trap with beemine or gunpowder to the effect of causing these to be triggered explosions.   
27)  Hidden traps that affect players other than placer.   Maybe a subtle clue ... hide it in a bush, but have a smallish visible indicator, easily overlooked.  Maybe it shakes just a little, every x seconds.
28)  Trade system.  Yes you can give ... but perhaps a mechanism that pops up allowing you to offer a trade where items are only exchanged after both parties agree to what will be traded.
29)  Chickens.  Why in the world are their no chickens!? 
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In no particular order, just decided to ramble through some thoughts and ideas of what might make for interesting additions.   New features, mod creation ideas ... or just a bunch of rubbish .... chew on it either way.



Yikes. My opinions:


2) Voted Most Likely To Be a Mod 2014.


4) Tab. Stats not yet included (but is probably already a mod).


5) Detailed stats would be nice. I'd like to see Survival servers' detailed stats - how long each world lasted, etc. 


6,7) Maybe you could mod these new game modes.


9) Survival and Endless have 1 constant spawn spot. Wilderness has multiple spawn spots on purpose, it's part of the game mode. Otherwise, yes, it would be nice to be able to move the spawn spot.


10) Server menu will be edited to have more info soon, I believe.


11) Similar mod already created ("Simple Protection", I think). 


12) Overcomplicated. Locked chests encourage uncooperative play. Indestructible = impassable wall of chests.


13) Sounds good.


14) Meh. We're not building civilizations, we're surviving in the wild.


16) This is not Civ.


17) Hound mounds exist in RoG and I hope they will be added. Otherwise this sounds like a potential mod.


18) Already exists. U to whisper.


19,20) Why are these necessary/what do they add to DST in specific? There's lots of potential suggestions like these. I want kitten pets.


21) Not sure the code would allow it, but would be cool. 


22) Something map-like will probably be added. I think.


23) Would make the compass useless.


24) Probably will happen.


25) Skeletons in RoG have a little more uses. But as you said, the world gets littered with them. Skeletons are a plentiful resource and shouldn't make anything too good. 


28) Several things like this that could be added, but will probably be a long time if they ever do. 


29) No idea. Where's my kittens?!


It would help to organize suggestions by types, and keep in mind why you want a small dev team to add it to DST.

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