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[Tool'ish] Unofficial Don't Starve Mod Manager

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Are you tired of manually installing mods? So am I, therefore i decided to make a Mod Manager for Don't Starve.

The features im hoping to add are:

  • Multiple Installations Support (Like, DS & DST)
  • Auto Updating (Of Manager)
  • Big mod library (Community Driven)
  • Easy mod updating
  • Easy mod installing/uninstalling
  • Easy mod overview

Please let me know if there's anything you would like it to have.
Features im currently working on/finished:

  • Auto Updating (Finished)
  • Mutliple Installations Support(80% Complete)

Note that the first release of this manager will be for windows only, but i am working on getting mac & linux versions.


(PS: I am Norwegian, so feel free to correct any bad english you see =3)
Have some screenshots:
Current loading screen:
Current installation selection screen:

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um...this tool seems like it would be helpful to new members to these forums who are unfamiliar with downloadable mods.

Most people like me know that installing them is a s easy as put mod folder x into "mods" folder.

The community-driven mod library thing is pretty neat though, I must admit.


Here's an idea though(it may have to be implemented as a mod itself though) 

Auto-switching save specific mod settings.

The game already remembers which mods were enabled in a world and warns you if you run that world again with any of them disabled

but if you have a lot of small mods, it gets annoying to toggle them all on for your modded world and then toggle them all off for your vanilla world.

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