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Configurable Start Up

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I would like to see a simple (non mod) way to configure starting items/events for players joining the server.  


I like the star that spawns with players.  Its super helpful.  A lot of the players who join my servers still die 10 seconds later, which is usually totally their fault, but sometimes I'd like to do something about it for my server.  


For example, when my server runs with no daytime (which I can configure it to do pretty easily), I'd like it to also start with a torch or two, or maybe a chest full of sticks/grass/flint and some blueprints, the same way the Darkness level starts in adventure mode.  


A stretch goal would be making sure these didn't drop when the player died, so the server wouldn't be inundated with free gear from new players, but as long as I had control over it, it would be fine.  


Another stretch would be to be able to configure which items spawn in the inventory for spawning in different seasons or at different times of day.  


The ability to start players with a torch if they join just before nightfall, or with a 50% durability bunny hat if they join in winter +/- a day would greatly cut down on the number of people who join my server, collect a few resources, die horribly/set everything on fire and then die horribly, and then leave the server.  


You could also spawn each player with a personalized dog tag in pvp :D

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