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Character mod crashing game

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So I've been making a character mod for Don't Starve. I've put in all the graphics and almost all the code in (stuff like name, gender, how the character examines things, etc. I still want to put in a special power.)


I go to load the mod, and it takes me to the warning page about mods, as usual. But the 3 buttons on the bottom don't do their animation when I hover my mouse over them. Accept they still work. But if I click the "I Understand" button, there's a pop-up that says that the program has become unresponsive and needs to close. Then there's nothing I can do about it, the game just closes.


I've tried restarting my computer, re-installing the game, validating the cache files, and looked through my files and code time and time again for anything wrong. Nothing works.


Help please?

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So I went into the log.txt, found the LUA traceback, and it begins with "in function 'assert'", and some other stuff like 'resolvefilepath', ''RegisterPrefabs', 'LoadPrefabFile', 'LoadAssets', 'DoResetAction', 'complete_callback', 'UpdateGamePurchaseState', and 'callback'. I have no idea what this means.


Also, this is my first mod (a bit ambitious, I know.) I also used some animations from the game because I'm bad at everything art, i just wanted to get some animations in so I can see the mod in the game before I work on them.


Mr. Stickman.zip

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