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Category: General

Issue Title: Actually a "reply" to 'Prince143'

Issue Description: This is actually me trying to answer you; I did not reply to my post because I CANNOT reply to my post ("You cannot reply to this topic") and I CANNOT start a new topic ("You cannot start a new topic") anywhere, the only thing I am able to do is "submit my 'bugs'". This is very frustrating. I login, CANNOT edit my profile in any way and CANNOT interact in the forums with satisfaction. Actually the only reason I joined was to download 'Matt's Tools' and 'Sample Mods'. Thank you, Prince143, you have been the only one to "listen" (I suppose it is better said "read") to my plea.

Steps to Reproduce: I think everything was described above. I always take 30 minutes to fill the capchas because everytime I put them right, they say it is wrong.

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Your account is still waiting confirmation. Go to your email inbox, find the confirmation email and click the link inside and you will then be able to post normally. If you can't find it there, check in your spam box. 



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