Mark of the Ninja PSN?


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I know Mark of the Ninja is a XBLA Exclusive, but I hope it will come to PSN. It is my console of choice.

Mark of the Ninja is published by Microsoft Game Studios so it's highly unlikely to ever make it's way to the PS3.

That's pretty much the situation, the same goes for Mac / OSX. We worked really hard to bring it to PC through Steam (notice it's not Games for Windows Live). With our other games like Shank 1 and 2, they were published by EA, so cross platform was very doable.
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Like I said, unfortunate to say the least. I hope something comes along towards the Vita. I guess, "remote play" from the PC will do for now lol. I just keep getting the tingling feelings of having this amazing game on the Vita. :(

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