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Boomerang - client doesn't catch?

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the games I've played thus far the clients have had no issue catching the boomerang. I've been host and seen others catch it as well as being a client (with a fair amount of lag) and catching it myself. So I don't think its an issue everyone is having.

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I've had the boomerang fall to the ground in front of me instead of me catching it, I've caught it, and I've also been smacked in the face with it, all while playing on other people's or dedicated servers. I don't ever host so I'm not sure about in that case but it seems really random to me (I also pretty much only play on servers that don't use any mods to do with the boomerang, or mods in general if they alter gameplay significantly or make the game way easier. "Regeneration" mod - i'm talking about you lolllllllll.)

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