[Gameplay] - Icebox Trap Deactivation Failed


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Icebox Trap Deactivation Failed

Issue Description: Failed attempted to deactivate icebox trap by hammer-clearing the icebox then opening the chest.

Steps to Reproduce: Player 1 came across icebox trap, hammered the icebox, then hammered the thermostat. Built new icebox at base using salvaged material.

Player 2 came across the untouched chest with no icebox present. Opened the chest, and winter was triggered. Not quite sure if player 2 heard deerclops.

According to online resources, the trap should be deactivated, but it was not.

p.s. found fire trap twice, first time (wilson) it triggered as the chest opened, which should be working as intended. Second time (willow) nothing happened.

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I think it's working as designed, I have a save where I'm right in front of the icebox trap and no matter what I try to disable it, sometimes it triggers and sometimes it doesn't. It seems to be entirely chance-based, and judging on my two-dozen trial sample or so it seems to be around 50 - 70% chance that it triggers.


Only reliable way to disarm it and get the loot according to the wiki is to burn the chest - but that's only possible if  you run Reign of Giants. My current solution in DST is to hammer the thermostat and the icebox and plant trees around the chest to obscure it for other players that may otherwise see it and thus trigger it. I try to remember where it is located, so I can trigger it myself once a regular winter starts.

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