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Sign Customization: A Necessity

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One could use it to mark where a road leads to, who owns what, and instructions for whatever you desire. The only current use for signs is to mark the locations of important things, which if one has multiple, one may not even remember which one it is.


When placed, the sign will prompt the player to inscribe a message upon it. This message, to prevent colossal walls of text, should not exceed 300 characters. When one examines a written sign, the character will read out the message, and if left blank, they will simply use the character's examination quote.


Perhaps alter the crafting recipe for a sign to use 1 piece of flint, or a similar sharp object, in order for one to write upon it.

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How about some directional signs?  And then leave a note like: "This way to base camp", "Beware of multiple spiders!", "To second base camp", "emergency supply stash", "Lots of bunnies this way!"  (That only cost 1 wooden board, not 3!)


They can be placed along oft-traveled roads and paths, or anywhere else. 



What I think is most needed is colorful and noticeable markers players can leave on the ground.  Like paint, or even glow stones.  These can help players immensely in finding their way around, and avoid getting lost, especially when you rotate the camera and get disoriented. 



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