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Don't Starve Together - Disconnect and OS Issues

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I recently bought Don't Starve on PC after putting in multiple hours on PS4. The idea was to buy Don't Starve (DS) to play Don't Starve Together (DST) with one of my close friends who does not own PS4. I bought the pack that included one copy of DS and one copy of DST for my Steam library, plus an additional copy of DST that I gifted to my friend. My friend does not own DS, just DST.

My friend successfully logged on to DST, without owning a copy of DS. Once we entered our game world, we both suffered major issues with disconnects, rubber-banding, and lag. It is my understanding that my friends needs a copy of DS in his Steam library to play DST (I was surprised he was even able to connect to DST at all), but before my friend buys DS, he wants to verify that purchasing DS will most likely fix our disconnect problems.

*In addition, my friend is currently playing the DST Beta using Windows XP on a Boot Camp partition on his Macbook. I believe I read on Steam that DS supports Windows XP, but it does not look like Windows XP is supported for DST. Could this potentially create some of the problems we were seeing with disconnects?

If anyone with more technical knowledge about the networking behind DS/DST for PC, I would greatly appreciate any and all information!

Thank you! djweigner

*EDIT 1: Added additional information regarding OS.

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Well, I don't think not owning Don't Starve can cause issues like this, please think about sending your logs to the developers so they can fix the problems, also there is no way to assure you owning Don't Starve will fix those issues, i mean, it is in beta after all, there will be a few bugs, also i don't think playing on a mac, running windows xp can be any good, running games alone on a mac is not a good idea and its not a good idea either to play games that do not support your current version of windows, if you wanna see your logs go to the Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether folder, hope i helped!.

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It is my understanding that my friends needs a copy of DS in his Steam library to play DST

No, this will have no impact on the lag issues you're describing.


One of the major causes of lag in DST at the moment is the server computer just not running the game fast enough. But if you're getting disconnects, then it's likely the connection between the two of you is not good. 

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Thank you for all of the responses!


So from what you all have described, DST is a standalone game and our connection issues wouldn't be related to him not owning DS. 


I appreciate the information regarding the logs. I will be sure to read over them and see if I can decipher anything. I will probably submit a bug to the developer if I can't make sense of what I am reading. I personally don't think it's a networking issue with me or my friend. I ran a SpeedTest last night and I was averaging 85Mbps download and 90MBPS upload. In other words, I would expect that my network connection should be able to host a server for me and a friend. (I have successfully hosted modded Minecraft servers with this connection in the past on the same PC.) My PC also runs Windows 7 and has a 6-Core 4.0 GHz AMD Processer plus 16 GB RAM, so I would also expect my computer shouldn't be the problem.


I appreciate all of your responses and if I figure out anything regarding the connection issues, I will be sure to post any fixes here!







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