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Story mode DST

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I think you mean "Adventure Mode".

And Klei has said numerous times that Adventure Mode will be implemented but won't be like the normal DS Adventure Mode. The game has to compensate for the number of players on multiple things. These include:

-Traveling to other worlds: The devs said that it will be a "party task" to adventure to the Caves (and Ruins) or into Adventure Mode to prevent lots of lag for the server since it'd have to run multiple worlds.


-Generating the maps: All Adventure Mode maps have to generate the same. Or in this case (because "randomly generated" means the game rolls some imaginary dice to pick numbers) the game loads one of the map from the folder where they are put (or the code file for each map). And then it rolls some more ingame dice to put see what 1 of the 4 first maps goes first (except Two Worlds, Darkness and Checkmate; which are 4,5 and 6 respectively).


-Checkmate's ending. Everybody who played through World 1 to 6 of Adventure Mode knows what the ending is like. I'll spoiler it if you haven't gotten to the ending yet. 

You go up to Maxwell who sits in a chair. You can talk to him to reveal some story about DS, turn on or off his' phonograph which he will respond about you turning it on and off. Doing any of this will not result in an ending change but you to basically get the ending you have to put the divining rod into it's holder beside the throne and "free" Maxwell who fades into ashes. This then makes your character the new "king of the throne" (he he, my pun).
so since that ending made sense in Singleplayer, it doesn't work so well in Multiplayer as only one person can sit on the throne. There's been some debate on how Klei should deal with this but we don't know what they have in store for it. :D


-Maxwell. This one is self-explanatory, Maxwell doesn't "greet" you in DST at the molment. Klei might need to implement this later but for now, Maxwell doesn't say "Hello" whenever you create a world (he's very rude for that). But in "Endless Mode" you come from a portal, which is what happened in the reveal of DST.

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(If you mean adventure mode)

Yeah, they'll add it, but it'll probably be one of the last thing they add, so pretty far down the to-do list.

I bet it's gonna be really interesting, though, I wonder how it's gonna work.

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