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How do you do when you want to test a mod by being the host or the client ? or just 2 different players ?

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Hello, it's a dumb question but how do you do in that case ? Is there a trick to do that?


I was looking to see how a lockable chest could be done, but I'm wondering how will l be able to test it ?

(if I succeed obviously, I have no idea if I can make it or not, and I bet someone(or even klei) will do this mod too)


I'm not seeing myself asking for someone every X minutes/hours to test something.

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I received 2 beta keys, gave one to my wife. Her steam account is always loaded on her computer, whenever I want to test our mods I simply log her into don't starve together and load up our test server and test it on client and server.


Note: I copy the new mod folder directly to her computer without using the steam workshop.

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Unfortunately, aside from having two copies of the game, there is no trick. I can test client-only mods by joining other people's servers, but for the most part I have to ask people to test with me, and it's pretty tedious until it's on the workshop.


I think once dedicated servers are out you'd be able to host a dedicated server and join it from the same computer, though.

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What I do is make use of the fact that you can log into steam on 2 or more different computers at the same time. Therefore I have a laptop next to me while I work on my main desktop computer.


I will launch the game on my laptop and then I can still launch it on my desktop. This will then sign me out of steam on my laptop but that will only prevent me from connecting to online servers. I am still able to play on LAN servers using this method.


This means I can run a LAN server on either the laptop or my desktop and they can connect to each other using only 1 steam account and only 1 copy of Don't Starve Together. :)

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