[General] - Custom (mod) remote left click action not working due to typo


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Custom (mod) remote left click action not working due to typo

Issue Description: Within the method PlayerController:OnRemoteLeftClick, found in components/playercontroller.lua, we have

lmb =  (lmb == nil and                actioncode == ACTIONS.WALKTO.code and                mod_name == nil and                BufferedAction(self.inst, nil, ACTIONS.WALKTO, nil, position))            or (lmb ~= nil and                lmb.action.code == actioncode and                lmb.action_mod_name == mod_name and                lmb)            or (rmb ~= nil and                rmb.action.code == actioncode and                rmb.action_mod_name == mod_name and                rmb)            or nil

Note the 'lmb.action_mod_name' and 'rmb.action_mod_name'. The underscore before 'mod_name' should be a period. Because of this, remotely sent left click action with a non-nil mod_name field don't work.

Steps to Reproduce: > Be a modder.

> Write a mod with custom actions.

> Set up such action as a component action triggered by a left click.

> Join modded game as client.

> Left click entity where such action should be triggered.

> ???

> Profit.

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