[Client Crash] - crash on morning-saveing


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: crash on morning-saveing

Issue Description: sorry my english is poor.

the game will crash on a great chance in the morning ,when the saving icon appears.usually 2 days a time.

then it says "don't starve_steam.exe stopped working"and quit game.

then i can restart game ,and resume the host,and go on playing.

it happend on my tow computer both.

save me!i just want to play DST!

Steps to Reproduce: nothing special.

i done nothing.just play.

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At the moment Klei is on a break for the holidays. They do have people checking in here-and-there, but it's not with the same frequency as normal, so it might take a little bit to get to the bottom of this.


Your log.txt cannot be viewed by others... can you please try adding it again, maybe something went awry? Alternately, you can post the entire text of the log in a reply. Just put this at the top:




And put this at the bottom:



Instead of parenthesis, use brackets.


That will put it all of the text into a spoiler button =)






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