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Custom character Help?


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So, I am not to sure how easy this all is. I was thinking of whipping up a custom character or 2. I can provide the art/sprites but the actual making that playable I am not sure If I could do it. I have a tendency to get disheartened if something seems a bit too complicated. After work, my mind is generally a bit tired which makes complications seem larger then they are.

So Basically, would anyone be willing to work with me?

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Well I was thinking of Making Princess Peach as one. and the other my Own original character who is a fire mage. the possible idea being she is immune to fire and can start fires without flint/throw fireballs at cost of quicker hunger. but her fire magic does'nt work if she is too cold and she is affected faster by cold weather.

Not sure if that is possible though.

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