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What items to teleport over in Adventure mode?


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Chapter 1: Archipelego

Playing as WX-78.

I have collect all the Things, and can only bring 4 items over to the new world.

I have decided to take these:

- Gears. Ultimate survival food.

- Umbrella to prevent rain shock.

- Tentacle Spike for self defence.

I don't know the 4th item to bring over, but I have considered these items as well:

-20 logs

- Purple gems.

- 4 silk. (only?)

- Miner hat

- cut reed.

-27 flint.


I don't want to screw up just yet, this is the first time I have been this far. So which is the best item to bring over? logs? silk? Leave your opinion here thanks!


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Bring something to help with insulation if you have it because it's likely that you may get a Winter Chapter next. When you beat Chapter 2 there are a few things to consider. Chapter three brings the possibility of Two Worlds. If you are playing Reign of Giants DLC, you should bring an Ice Cube or something because Summer will kill you in about a minute.

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