More things that should come into Don't Starve!

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Don't Starve has a massive amount potential  to keep growing and I want to put my suggestions out for a possibility that the developers might read :grin:


1.  Under science the ability to build Giant Robots and ride them; if there are reign of giants there must be a way to fight them back and what better way than giant robots(Wilson will love this)!


2.  Under magic to summon the monsters to assist us. If we can get Chester or Wendy's ghost sister,we probably should get more different types of monsters/spirits to summon  for us to fight/carry/cuddle probably a dragon would be a great start :grin:.


3. Some different game play modes for fun, like for example a FFA (Free for all) race to get certain amount of materials and we have to fight for it killing each others until a timer runs out! with respawning of course.


4. Waging war through armies of monster mobs! (Branching off 3.)


5. Monster Mounts! It takes a long time exploring the map but with monster mounts we can ride into the nightmares (hoping to be able to ride any of the giants as well).


6. Some ridiculous weathers for example raining cats, dogs or frogs! maybe even raining food!(maybe a rare drop too like a old bell) Some tornadoes, or storms to take away resources from land to make the game harder.


These are some of my suggestions so far hoping more will come to the game really enjoying the Don't Starve Together experience already :grin:!

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1. Doesn't fit the DS theme... but mechs always sound fun!

2. There's already a summonables mod (by HeavenFall).

3. Requires Multiplayer, which is in-dev

4. World customization options?

5. Planned for multiplayer

6. It's already raining frogs.... (even without the DLC, in AM)

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