Was heat buffed?


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Was heat made a LOT harder? I haven't played RoG in about 3-4 months, and when I did I got to day 31 and died. I stopped playing Don't Starve in general due to real life issues, and when I got DST I started playing again.


Today I decided to do RoG games again. I started my first one, got 40 of each material and travelled around like I did in my past RoG games. I ran through a desert, which I knew were hot, so i made sure to sprint through it.


Little did I know that I would start dying of heat after less than a day in the desert. I found an icebox and a chest and got 15 ice while avoiding pigs (I was Webber), but I was still dying. If I was starting to take damage I would eat some ice. Still not even night (I started burning maybe around a quarter through a day cycle), all of my ice was gone. I shaded under trees, and then kept moving, but after 10 seconds I would burn again. I spent half the night by a fire (my mistake) and then quickly used my torch and ran away to a tree once I started burning. 


Still burning every 5 seconds, I found a wormhole. I thought maybe I would go into an autumn biome or something, considering the one I was in on day 2 was long gone. I went through, and I was in a rock biome. All ice except for one was melted, and I was dying. Mined the ice, only stopped damage for 2 seconds, then I burned to death. I was being heated for a full day until I finally died. I respawned at a touch stone, but quit and deleted my world, I was done with RoG. I asked my friend on skype and he said it never hit him that hard.


Was this intentional, or did it put me in summer or something?

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I found an icebox and a chest


The Icebox and Chest you found were

a set piece trap that starts Summer the moment you open it.


If that happens to you again, use the rocks you'll find in the Desert biome to craft a Thermal Stone and Endothermic Fire Pit from an Alchemy Engine. By placing a Thermal Stone next to an Endothermic Fire, or inside an Icebox, it will chill the Thermal Stone down to low temperatures. Carrying the chilled Thermal Stone in your inventory while you're away from the Endothermic Fire Pit will let you spend more time exploring before overheating occurs.


Deserts themselves are not inherently hotter than any other biomes, and have no special interaction that causes Summer to be harsher in them (other than the lack of shade from trees); you were just ill-prepared for the quick arrival of the season and paid the price.

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