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I think I might have found a list of commands in the game files. Might be for something else though.

local CHEAT_MENU = cheat_submenu( "*",


cheat_item( "Unlock Rewards", CHEATS.unlockAllRewards ),

cheat_item( "Reveal All", CHEATS.seeEverything ),

cheat_item( "Teleport Unit (Selected)", CHEATS.teleportSelected ),

cheat_item( "Kill Unit (Mouse Over)", CHEATS.simKill ),

cheat_submenu( "Spawn Units",


spawn_menu( "Items", unitdefs.tool_templates ),

spawn_menu( "Props", unitdefs.prop_templates ),

spawn_menu( "Guards", unitdefs.npc_templates ),


spawn_program_menu( "Spawn Programs" ),

cheat_submenu( "UI",


cheat_toggle( "Show UI", CHEATS.toggleUI ),

cheat_item( "Print Widgets (Mouse Over)", CHEATS.printWidgets ),


cheat_submenu( "Programmer",


cheat_toggle( "Track Leaks", CHEATS.toggleLeakTracking )



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