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Hi guys I just got Don't Starve Together and just played today with three friends. I have played Don't Starve and survived for 300+ days and Don't Starve ROG for 100+ and I've never seen a meteor before. I was just exploring and this killed me. When was this added? And will it randomly just spawn at any time? What if I'm at my base? This made me jump when it happened :p

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When was this added?

They were added on November 6, 2014.

And will it randomly just spawn at any time? What if I'm at my base?
From what I've experienced and learned, meteors showers only appear in and around the edges of rock fields and mosiac biomes. Not sure on the exact term for the specific biomes that are prone to meteor showers. I believe they appear on random, but thats up to people who can explore the code to say otherwise. 


For the second question, as long as you aren't near any of the meteor prone biomes, you'll be safe. At the very least, be around 2-3 screens away from these biomes, if you still decide to live near them.


Good luck and have fun, @Samplify!

If any of the information I've stated above is incorrect in any way, I'm sorry. Feel free to correct me if I have made any misleading mistakes.

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