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Sharing Worlds / Changing Hosts

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I realized that if one person hosts a server in this game, he/she is the only one that can ever host that world and needs to be hosting for others to play on it.


Let me explain:

This is actually sometimes annoying; this happened to me before on Unturned as well.

I would play with 2+ other friends and if I have to go offline early or for a while, they can't play on that world without me unless I somehow keep hosting... (my computer can't handle being a "dedicated server")

What should be implemented:

Hosts should be able to "share" the current world and allow other players on the server the ability to host this world when they aren't. (Perhaps a button in the score board) 

This can work out really well, especially for the group of friends that might not always play on the same time and one person can't be hosting the world the whole time. This will allow the server to grow a little while you're gone.


(Something similar to this was put up on the General Discussion - http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/46820-saving-sever-files/?hl=%2Bshare+%2Bhost )

Contradictions:   (Ask questions for more to be added)

What if you come online and someone else is hosting your world and you can't get in or you want to host again but the person won't allow?

This is why you should only share worlds with trusted people/friends ONLY. Plus Klei can decide if there can be multiple servers of the same world or not. I think having one world=one server would be fine as sharing hosts the first place should be with friends. 

What if original host doesn't play for a long time?

That is the same thing with if some friends don't play for a long time. There should be communication between friends to decide whether the server/world continues to grow without them or it waits.



It would be great if this can be discussed and given constructive feedback on. :wickerbottomthanks: 
Don't forgot to ask questions! :happypigs:

*(I had some other ideas but I have forgotten them  :mad-new: Maybe next time )

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I'd rather see some way to take a "screenshot" of any server you are playing on when you leave. This "screenshot" would save the world in its current state and allow you to host the same game later at a time convenient for you to play.


Personally I enjoy playing public servers but usually only play 2-3 hours at a time. When I leave the server I usually wind up never finding my way back to the same server, or if I do it'll be a day or two later and obviously the server will be in a different state. I would love to be able to save the games I do really well in working with random people and then be able to bring that game back at a later point when I'm available, rather then when the host is available.


I realise this would be a technically difficult thing to accomplish but it would add a lot of fun to joining random multiplayer games.

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I guess since it is hard doing the host change yourself and giving all the necessary server files to the new host, the developers can at least change the server files to make it that one world would have just one dedicated folder holding its information? 

I think that would be the least they can do if my previously stated idea is too hard to implement o: So it will be a little easier for the people that desperately want a host change in the future.

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You can share a server and all character files who have logged onto your server. I just did it and it's not that hard. I just shared my entire Klei \ Donotstarvetogether folder with my friend and it worked perfectly. He ran my server (with my name still as the title and same PW) we had all the same characters with all out loot. The world was the same, same season, same camp, same 1000000 drying racks haha.


The only downside was his map was brand new. I believe maps are stored client side. So if you want your old map on the new/old server you're other friend is hosting you do this.


1. Join your friends new server, wait for it to save (to be safe) and disconnect.

2. Go to your games file location.

3. Find the folder named \Session

Find the game you want to copy the map over from. For me it was a game from yesterday so it was easy to find. (Time modified stamp)

4. Copy the _minimap file from your OLD game into your NEW folder inside the session folder. 

5. Rejoin the server.

 This worked for us, hope it works for you.

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