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  1. The meal lice was 1 day old, freshly harvested from my plants. The liceloaves were made from those meal lice. At the very least the food spoiled in 1 day which in itself is a bug. The screenshot save did eventually load the food into the game, but it doesn't explain what happened to my 30,000 kcals of food in my other save (not the screenshot one).
  2. I was producing fresh liceloaf when all my food disappeared, I had meallice, in a preserved state, on the ground that disappeared, and I had unpaused the simulation before taking that screenshot and the food was still not there.
  3. *edited to correct misinformation on my part* Greetings, I know there is a bug that when loading a save your food can disappear. However, this happened to me in real time. I was playing on Cycle 10 going to Cycle 11 and as soon as it ticked over I got the alert that I had a food shortage. The food was less than 2 days old so it didn't spoil, it just flat out disappeared. Supernova Homestead Cycle 11.sav