Most unlucky moment...... and you survived?


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In hokkien, its called "being suay"(sway).

What's your most unlucky moment, and yet you make it out alive?

For me recently, is a chain of mishaps that frove my character hungry, insane and half-crippled.

Playing as Wendy.

Day 80+


I just crawled out of the cave, with a half broken football helmet. My sanity was low (caves, obviously).

Harvested enough bat wings to make bat bat.

I look to the west where the wormhole is that will take me home.It's some distance but I'm sure I'll get back in one piece.


Suddenly I hear growling.

S**T. Hounds.

Then, i look to the tallfort in the same direction. Between me and the wormhole. Will I get back in time?

Nightime is coming.

I rushed to the wormhole as the growling grows louder.

Nightime came.

Before i even manage to get there, those hounds are in for the kill, that is me.

Savage with sharp teeths and the color of black representing death.

I can't risk getting bitten while jumping into the wormhole.

So i ran the opposite direction,back to the tallfort where the Tallbirds are sleeping.

The tallbirds woke up, angry at me then at the hounds. The birds tried to peck me at first but ended up attacking those packs of hounds.The hounds fell easily and i have to thank those tallbirds for that (yay!)

Some tallbird nest were burnt down on the way however. But i didn't really mind.

With the hounds defeated, i went back to the wormhole in triumph, wanting restore my characters hunger,sanity and health.

Unfortunately, things are not as it is meant to be.

Maxwell/ruler/god idk have to do this.

"That could be bad."

Bad. Bad news. U know what's coming right?

And my remaining logs which i want to use for my fire pit is just sufficient to make a log suit.

I'm not mentally ready (in the game and myself)

But i couldn't let this chance go away. Once i slay this thing it will give me spoils useful for winter survival.

And i can't go back to my base. Once i go back my base will probably be busted by this thing.And my sanity is freaking low.

What to do? I can only walk around, waiting for that behemoth to spawn. The moment i found him, i saw the rocks in the middle of the tallfort beside him grounded to pieces.

He's here. Standing 3 times taller with his spoiled attitude, slamming the ground like some sumo wannabe.

Bearger. I kept toying with him as he charged towards me, hoping to uproot grave mounds, and kill all the Tallbirds as much as possible. Once I'm satisfied with the destruction caused, i took him on.

The battle went on until nighttime. We fought around a lantern. At this point, my sanity was near the danger level. At 40.

"Can this battle end?"

The kiting seem to go on forever. The moment i see daylight, i slay him with my cheapo spear.

Phew finally! The boss is dead.

And unfortunately, my sanity was at 30. Shadow creatures materialized.

Got to go.

I quickly picked up my overloaded backpack and his spoils and sprint to the wormhole while plucking flowers on the way, hoping for shadow creatures not to spawn.

The first thing i did once i reach home?

Sleep. And dump the bat wings into the fridge.

So what was your most unlucky moment but yet u survive luckily?

Voice them here below.

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It was around day 60 with Wilson.  I had 10 health and somehow forgot mats to make a torch when night came.  I successfully ran between fireflies to survive the night!  I was so impressed with myself.  made it back to base and was feeling good.


Then I accidentally attacked a pig without armor.  Instant death....



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Day 523, it was winter, playing as Wigfrid. All was good, was fighting off a couple of Treeguards during dusk, ya know, until the Deerclops came. I was all like "dammit, right now?" 


So, with two level 3 Treeguards on my arse, I ran to my panic area, which is basically an area filled with teeth traps. Of course, they were unarmed and most were already broken. Just at that same time as the Deerclops, hounds were coming. I mean, REALLY??


Ok, so in total, 1 Deerclops, 2 strongest level Treeguards, about 9 hounds, half ice because of winter, AND it was dusk already.


Oh, and of COURSE the Treeguards are giant monsters that drain your sanity, so I was nearly going absolutely insane.


So, I ended off in a freeze of glory, with Deerclops and Treeguards and Hounds with Terrorbeaks and Crawling Horrors, ALL of that coming to kill me :/

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My first summer. It was maddening!


I had nothing but an umbrella and a straw hat, hopping from tree to tree just to stay under the threshold of burning alive. I was ill-prepared and didn't even have an endothermic fire pit, yet I had the smarts to build a flingo-matic. I was eating through every healing item I had just to not die miserably and I was certain this would be the end.


But then, I decided to stick my thermal stone in the ice box and see if that helped. Saved my life!


How far I've come - Now summer is just as easy as winter to me.

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Playing as Wendy and I hear deerclops as dusk is ending and I'm in my base. In my panic I forget to take most of my fighting gear - blow darts, log suit, etc. I even forgot about the dark sword in my inventory. I go to my nearby hound-fighting arena to minimise the damage.


Night falls.


I hear one ground-shaking footstep of that hooved monster, but no more. Worrying he might be attacking my base (only 2 screens away, thereabouts), I constantly check the map that night. No damage to my base. No damage elsewhere. I might actually be safeHe might have despawned.


I realised my error in judgement after a whole night of checking my map. I ran to my base, Abigail in tow. I watch as he destroys one of my chests and eyes up Snow-Chester.


"What do we say to the God of Death?"



I smack him before he starts attacking Chester and destroying more structures. I lure him over to the arena where he smashes my firepit as dusk approaches. Abigail is down for the count. I have to make do with the few tooth traps that I have.


All of a sudden I hear hounds.

Not hounds. Not now.

The hounds bark and race towards me. They start giving chase as I outrun them and Deerclops with my walking cane. With most of the traps sprung, they're useless and I can't reset them with these scalywags on my tail.





Eventually the hounds tire and find a new victim: the Deerclops.


With Deerclops damaged by my traps, he's weak and it only takes a few bites from the hounds to gnaw him to death. In his last breath he falls to the hounds.

With a sigh of relief, I realise my dark sword was in my inventory the whole time. Time to deal with the hounds.



That was the easiest encounter with Deerclops I've ever had.




TL;DR: Deerclops came, hounds saw, I conquered.

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