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Mod character locked?

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I finally managed to finish portin' me old snoipah here:





But bloody hell, people are sayin the mod's cactus!


They're sayin he appears to be locked, like as a character you've yet to unlock in the regular game

Now i'm not sure if this is happening since the server they're joinin' doesn't got the bloke installed, but one mate said he's still locked even on a server he's hosting.


How is this happening? what code do I need to enter? I was able to play as him, and so was me cobber a little earlier...



(forgive the aussie slang, they handle the english language better than we do. too much time writing lines for snoipah)

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@1337gamer15, This is how I got around it:

--unlocks all the characterslocal function LobbyScreenPostConstruct(self)	local OldOnBecomeActive = self.OnBecomeActive	function self:OnBecomeActive()		OldOnBecomeActive(self)		self.profile:UnlockEverything()		self.profile:Save()	endendAddClassPostConstruct('screens/lobbyscreen', LobbyScreenPostConstruct)
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