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How can I run a standalone server ? (dedicated)

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Being playing to DST since it's been released and I was just wondering how to run my own dedicated server. I see the client is ready since you have few standalone servers running already.

It'd be fun to be able to run my own server 24/7 and see what happens with people logging in and off every now and then, doing something in the world then dying or leaving.


Just a few questions :

  • Are those dedicated servers Klei's only ?
  • If not, can I run my own ?
  • If yes, how =) ?

I run a few servers with great specs and bandwidth, so why not host some Don't Starve ?

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  • Developer
  • Are those dedicated servers Klei's only ? 

No, some modders are admin on some servers, but they're all (except one) hosted by Klei.

You need to know how to mod if you want to configure the dedicated server (for world_gen options, or this kind of stuff). Since some builds, it's easier to kick and ban players, but you still need to be connected on the server, and when the server is full... you can't join.

So there still many things to do, some memory leaks to fix. I've heard in the last RwP that it won't be before 2015.

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