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Hey,I need help with writing the code for a mod. I'm trying to make a mod that allows you to craft a rabbit box which allows you to place a rabbit hole wherever you want. Here's a list of things I need help with.


  • Need to help editing the rabbit_hole prefab
  • Need help editing the beefalowool prefab
  • Need help coding a new item
  • Need art assets for Rabbit Box and "Lint"
  • Need help editing bee_ box  & beefalowool animation files to suit the mods needs.


"Lint" is the item that you get from digging up rabbit holes. It makes it so the number of rabbit boxes you can make is directly related to the number of rabbit holes you've dug.


Here's the crafting recipe I had in mind:


  • 2 Lint
  • 1 live rabbit
  • 1 carrot


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