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Where are the servers?

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my friends was having this issue the other night.

on his case, it probably because of his connection.


i was once or twice also having this issue, and what i did was wait for the servers list to come out.

if it didn't after a few minutes (changing the filter, refreshing). i would try to log out or exit the game and start over.

and then wait a couple more minutes again, and make sure my connection are not on high traffic.


it works well for me (and my friends).


i dont know if this will help you or not tho.

or have you tried to wait for a couple of minutes or not




i forgot to mention.

the server list usually just got delay.

so in most of my and my friend's cases. we just need to be patient, and wait for the server list to pop out.

usually only takes 30 seconds to 1minute or 2.

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