On the last day of winter...

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It's day 30. Me and a friend of mine are struggling to survive the winter: food supply is almost gone, we had no means to catch birds, silk supply is gone, beefalos were angry from around day 23 to 26 because we shaved them, 26 to 29 it's mating season AND they are in our base, we basically can't get warm because they are on a rampage, killing everything in sight (our chester died 3 times now T.T) and then...day 30 arrives. I was away farming spiders for silk to get boomerangs or bird traps, my friend was doing stuff at our base and then he suddenly tells me "Wait...do you hear that? What's that sound?". I didn't hear anything, so I came back to our base. While I was on the way back, he suddenly told me "Oh god, is this the legendary beast? It can't be", and I wasn't really aware of what he was talking about...Until I got to our base. From the lower bottom of the screen, the beast of nightmares emerged: the deerclops. That's where we just said "Welp, we're dead"...and the winter ended. While my friend kept on saying "No, we're f**king dead, we can't do anything", I somehow managed to lure the deerclops to a bunch of spider lairs, and suddenly we have tons of monster meat, silk, logs, gears, EVERYTHING. It even protected us from the hoard of hounds. Too bad deerclops killed the beefalos. It's been around 10 days since it spawned, and it's still roaming around somewhere at the top side of the map. BEST. WINTER. EVER.

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