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Create Dedicated servers

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Hi everyone !

Thanks for Don't starve Together, i bought it but i didn't play yet and i was wontering if it was possible (now or in the futur) to have a build to Don't Starve Together for Server, like Minecraft, and play it on our server..


I have a server, why use my pc for host my game ? x)


Thank you again and good work !

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There is indeed an option to create a dedicated server. I don't know how it is done but I know this because I've been in a couple of those, you should probably check the forums and find out how.
Otherwise (correct me if I'm wrong, I can't check at the moment), I think there is a button in-game that prompts you to create a dedicated server somehow.

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You can't create dedicated servers yet, but hopefully you will be soon. The ones that are up are test dedicated servers, most of them set up by Klei, although a few of them were "given" to community members to expand the range of stuff that got tested on them.

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