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Campaign mode in multiplayer?

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When me and my friend started playing this, we were a bit dissapointed at the fact you couldn't play in Campaign together, mostly because non of us has done it before. The game is still fun, but it feels like we are missing a goal. Of course we try our hardest to survive as that is our goal right now (and pretty much the main goal and point in the entire game), but having the option to atleast collect Things to open a portal to a more difficult level would feel much better.


Will this by any chance be available in the future, or can this not be done due to some error?

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W is right. I think they're working on Caves though before implementing the teleporter dealeo,  They may even be released at the same time because its just the generation of another world.


I'm interesting to see how it will work though, will the server host the old world and new one? Might lead to servers overloading though

Edit: It double posted in the same post oddly. fixed now.

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