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Give hosts the ability to pause the server / votepause for all players

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It is pretty frustrating that you have to leave the server to be able to go afk, especially if you are the host.
So I would suggest 2 things:

1: Make hosts be able to pause, for a certain time like 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 5 minutes or an hour and show a timer when the server is coming back.

2: Make all the players able to vote to pause the game for an amount of time like I said earlier, and give the host the ability to end the pause whenever (to counter grief-pausing)

Some more suggestions:

Add some super-expensive structure that a team of players can pursue, maybe as an additional gamemode or just as a time-consuming part of the endgame.
It could be unlocking a new area accessed by upgrading the portal, or building a portal-like item.
Imagine building a portal to access an area reminding Maxwell's throne area but with a treasure chest at the end, and after you have cleared it you can go back and the portal explodes (It could be a way to make grass and twigs renewable by bringing them back with you from the area, and could also add some really cool decorations that gives you brag rights to your friends!).

Thanks for reading!


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Hello! The pause is a planned feature. It was talked about here with Dev response. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/43617-global-pause/?p=564690


Seth wrote:


Yep, we're planning on adding the ability for all players to go AFK (basically despawning your player without leaving the server) and for the host to be able to pause the game for all players.


Just FYI! :)

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