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Issues after updating DST - another account?

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Just a few seconds ago after this has been posted, me and my friends wanted to play DST because one of my other friends JUST bought it, but when we now launch the game and have played it before and created an account then - now tells us that we apperently don't have an account and asks us to create a new one wich i most certaintly don't want since i don't own another email and i don't want to create another one since i want to keep things organized and not have random email adresses using for only one game.

Does anyone have the same problem?

And if possible, could a dev or something like that help us?


Anyways, thanks for reading through my post.




Hakan, A.K.A Retoon/RetoonHD



P.S. I've attachet a file with a prntscreen of it - just for chips 'N gigglez  (don't know if it uploaded or not, the forums seem to have a little issues or something im not sure lol)

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