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(LFM) Don't Starve Together - Dulahan's Campaign

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Hello people of Klei Entertainment Forums! StarvingLamb here with an announcement. Myself and two of my friends are looking for people for our Don't Starve Together Co-op campaign named Dulahan, we currently are seeking the following.



Mature Players (20+ Only) 

Good Listening Skills

Cooperation & Community Gameplay

Thick Skin (We joke, A LOT) 

A love for Don't Starve Together!

Skype (Optional) - We use it for Voice Chat/Relay



That's it overall. We play on the Eastern Timezone, and it's easier to connect to one another that way as well. Our server isn't dedicated (we're working out those details) so for the time being we have our friend Alex hosting the world. We're generally a good solid group of chuckle heads who just want to have fun and progress in Don't Starve Together - So far our best was day 18 with just 3 people. (Dire Wolves saw to our demise) and did I forget to mention I have an extra copy of Don't Starve Together? Did I leave that out? But yes, I have an extra copy of Don't Starve Together, for someone who has PLAYED the original Don't Starve and wants to eagerly get into the beta. It won't be given away to just anyone, oh no no. That's not how it works! 


Game with us for at least 24-72 hours, get to know our group and then my friends and I will see if you qualify for the spare DST key I have here. This way we get to know you on a more personal level, so we can then discuss to see if you're worth giving the key to,or just a waste of our  time.


Please Note: English Players ONLY! 


No, I am not racist I am not a bigot of any sort, it is just the language our group primarily uses. If we can't understand you, and you're being mauled by a pack of Spider Warriors, well, not much we can do now can we?


If you feel like signing on with us, leave me a message on either the thread or my Inbox~! 


Update ---v


If you have a Skype or Steam send it to my Inbox and I will add you from there. 

Also if you really want to impress my friends and I and you have experience running a dedicated server, that will get your foot in the door.


People who own DST already are NOT exempt from this offer, but they will need to tell me who they are giving it to so it's not a wasted key! 

Experience with Don't Starve (Vanilla) and Don't Starve (RoG) is a plus!

Also please note, Teamspeak3, Ventrilo, Raidcall & Mumble can considered but not always used.


Thank You & GOOD LUCK! 


This thread will officially close on 12/20/2014 ~   People will be announced on Friday, and if before that either today or between now and Friday. 

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Very interested guys!



  • I'm quite familiar with the game, clocked a fair few hours (you can check out my Step by Step guide post if you want some idea)
  • I believe I have good communication skills.
  • I have a very thick skin.
  • I speak English.
  • I can use Skype but I'm considering renting a Ventrilo server for DST.


  • I'm a Geordie (from Newcastle, England), so I don't exactly speak English ha (you need to be from the UK to get that joke usually)
  • I have very little experience of DST, but from what I've seen there hasn't been too many changes from vanilla.(again, look at my Step by Step guide and decide if I sound experienced enough or not)
  • I don't have huge amounts of time to play as I work a lot of hours and have lots of take-home work. However Christmas is coming, so I'll have a fair amount of free time starting on Saturday, for about 2weeks.
  • I'm on GMT, so I'm no sure how that will work with Eastern Time in terms of playing together.

Cheers for reading guys.

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Hey there I am really interested in playing DST ! I clocked hundreds of hours on vanilla and ROG and I would love to join you guys. In fact the only reason I stopped playing is because there was no multiplayer. Having made it to around five hundred days (on one of a few save files) I just couldn't keep going without having anything left to do by myself.


Just wondering though is the game is worth it at this point? I really don't trust early access very much after starforge ha...


If you tell me it is though, I won't hesitate. Also, I'm english and live on the east coast of the US. Please let me know! I'm excited just thinking about it.

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I am new to the forums and I can't figure out how to message you. My steam info is zlarge05 if you would like to add me and I don't necessarily need a key I'll just buy one. I just need people to play with! So it may be best to save it and get another person in on the game.

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So... I've been playing a bit of the DST and I love it. However, the main problem I find when playing is that I cannot find a server where people don't exactly know what they are doing, or it is abound with ghosts. The worst thing is spending 3 hours to set up camp and then have your sanity destroyed by ghosts of players who just joined, immediately died, and decide to stick around in the hopes that they will revive. I suppose I am trying to say, this is my first attempt to find a dedicated group to help... not starve. Here we go:


+I have experience with Don't Starve and Don't Starve: Reign of Giants

+I understand many of the recipes under the Science tract and utilize them to my advantage.


+English speaking by nature and fits the age category

+Has skin (I haven't tested it's thickness, but if you want I can stab through it right now). Seriously though, I can take a joke.

-Only 34 hrs on record for DS (not counting DST hrs)

-Has not made it through RoG summer just yet (although I suppose it does not yet matter at this point)

-Longest run atleast 50 days (I know its not much but I'm working on a save know that's looking pretty... good).

-Have not progressed too far down the magic tract.


I usually try to play WX-78, but am pretty good with Wilson and have experience Wendy. So there ya go.


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Here's our drawing.


1.ShadowPhazon - Picked for your witty joke! We love someone with a good sense of humor and your EST compatible! Very nice! Also Shadow I can't seem to message you on the forums. So add my Steam. DarkSunGwyndolin




So! 2 more people are needed for a full crew. Then from those 3 we will pick who receives the extra DST key! C'mon people get in here and tell me about yourself! I don't bite...well maybe, see them teeth?

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Seems we got 5/6 people now for our DST Campaign and we got a winner for the DST extra copy I had! 

Congratulations to reapr03~!


1. ShadowPhazon

2. reapr03 (DST Key Winner)



Still one last spot if anyone is interested! 

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