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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Server does not show in list

Issue Description: One of the hotfixes from a couple of days ago made it so my server hardly ever comes up in the sever list anymore. Used to work fine before.

Steps to Reproduce: I start hosting a server as usual.

I name it Little pink socks.

I tell my friend to look for the server.

He refreshes the server list and waits for it to fully refresh. No filters used

He looks for my sever but it's not there.

He searches for keywords: "Little", "pink", "socks", no results come up.

I restart the server

Friend goes through the same process. No luck.

I restart the server a couple more times and eventually the server shows up in the list.

Now i'm afraid to host cause people won't find my server.

Hosted 2 hours today, nobody joined.

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I've found it usually takes about 5-10 seconds for my partner's server to show up in the list - and this was during closed beta, when there were perhaps 3 pages worth of online hosts at any given time, not gajillions. You, as the host, don't need to restart... that's actually resetting the entire process, and setting him behind. Your friend needs to wait for all the servers on the list to populate (which will be evident when the "refresh" option is available again). If your server doesn't show for him yet, you sit tight, and have him refresh again.

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