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"Offline" Persistence for Host

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So far, the only way I can see of making this persist would be throwing it onto a remote box and leaving them logged in, but they'd still slowly starve and die, eventually.  Is there a mod to have ghosts not cause the game to reset?  I think this is the only workaround I can think of thus far.


Would Klei view that as a hack or a by far less-than-ideal workaround to maintain persistence?  I've 2 copies of the game, so I could try it, but.

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@Strael, If you want the world not to reset when everyone dies, you should set the game mode to Endless instead of Survival (that's the main difference).


There's also a Wilderness mode that's oriented more at competitive (rather than cooperative player)-- it spawns you in random places on the map, and sends you back to character select when you die.


You could use your two-copy solution if you want. If you enter c_godmode() on the console on the one you're using to host the game, you should be able to leave them alone without them dying. In the near-ish future, though, you will be able to host dedicated servers (e.g. host with a separate program, so that joining/leaving doesn't affect the server).

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i heard that if you start hosting a server but  dont choose your character to join the world it will still be accessible for people to join and you wont starve obviously


That should be true. While you wait at the select screen the world is already running in the background, you can test this yourself, just leave it sitting there for a few minutes and when you join and mouse over the upper right corner it tells you "World day 2" while you're still "day 1".

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