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[Request] Maps

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This idea came to me with my recent adventures with my friends. Most of my friends in DST don't really know how to play, so by default they are around base trying to scavenge and build while I explore. However if I am busy building something and I need supplies in a far away place and don't want to get it or I want to save time by getting one thing while a friend gets another, I have to lead them there first so the map opens up for them. However I had an idea, what if someone map a maps mod. A craftable (Or starting) item, that when held, actually records your map data. After you are done exploring and want to share the map with your friends, you simply give it to them and the given map area you discovered is now discovered for your friends.

I feel like this will help a lot of people out because maps can be huge and sometimes you just need a little direction when looking for something a friend found. 

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@chris300300, Unfortunately map data is very inaccessible for mods. Even the minimap HUD mod is essentially just creating another instance of the map screen that's smaller; the map data itself is handled by the C++ part of the code, which you can't mod. 


Oh no, the mod I wanted to write is a craftable "Atlas" that enables you to see the cave maps even when you are outside of the caves. From what @rezecib says, it sounds like that won't work, then?

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