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Dedicated Server for Australia

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I'm from Australia, obviously, and I was looking to see if klei could make a dedicated server for Australia because the closest dedicated servers are always at high ping and can make the gaming experience not the best. I have been playing with a player whose server is close but his not on all the time so I just wanted to ask if this was possible :D.

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Hello MarkL

Just wondering if the Dedicated server will be in steam or 3rd party software because i would like to have one running in australia we have alot of support for your game in australia and would be nice to have at least one dedicated server in australia because we always get missed out i see there a few already but nothing to keep the australian pings down we aussies hit over 300+ ping

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  • Developer



We are trying to get the dedicated software out as quickly as possible.   I think this is the ultimate solution for ensuring users have good dedicated servers to choose from.


What's the ping like to the Singapore server(s) for you?


In the mean time I'll see what we can do about firing up more appropriate servers.




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