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Combat issues

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hard to target enemy; environment objects (loot, buildings, trees etc) hinder to target an enemy to hit.



When a player fights with a group of mobs, or fights with a mob at base with a lot of structures built close to each other its hard to fight effectively. Every time I want to hit a mob, i click on some building and invoke 'examine' instead of hitting this is ridiculous. It's also impossible to fight when one stands in trees. I han see where exactly the enemy and where I want to hit, but i just can't click on enemy because I click on tree instead. Also there is same problem in dontstarve-together: I fight with some high-tier enemy with my bro. He dies and drops lots of stuff on the ground. After that my character tries to pick items instead of hitting enemy. And if my inventory is full, i pick and drop the loot clicking on the enemy while he hits me.

I recal Diablo II, I played it years ago. There was a similar problem when character is surounded by crowd of enemies. I ckick one some enemy in the crowd, but i misclick and target the one that is not the cosest to me. Hero thies to walt to him but not hitting ones he can reach. But in Diablo II you can hold ctrl and hero will swing weapon in direction of mouse despite of what you targeted.

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