[Exploit] - A way to avoid mele damage


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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit
Issue Title: A way to avoid mele damage
Issue Description: So I was in that one PvP server. Long story short: I was chasing fownt that one guy who tried to take me out (both of us got banned by the host), and he managed to pull of something that made him invincible to my mele attacks. More precisely, he was moving with a short stops (walk, stop, walk, stop...) and when I tried to hit him with spear my character missed, even though I was very close to him.
Steps to Reproduce: Tap walk button with short pauses. Your character will move but will be impervious for mele damage.


Edit: Just tried it myself, it doesn't seem that it was the way I descibed. Not quite sure. But what that player did looked something like walking the stopping, even though that when I do that i looks differently...

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